Hackathon Digital Construction
Hackathon Digital Construction

Do you want to change construction industry? Join our Hackathon!

During the weekend of April 20-22, 2018, you will co-create new innovative solutions for construction companies. Together with over 50 other enthusiasts, you will make your idea become a reality! You will be surrounded by the best coaches, developers and designers from Belgium. They will help your dream for a “Digital Construction” to turn into a startup! 

During 48 hours dedicated to create digital & innovating solutions for construction companies, you will provide wonderful new projects. From Friday evening, you will work by team composed of different profiles from all around Belgium: IT, business, construction and design. This multidisciplinary will give the opportunity to each group to transform dreaming ideas to concrete solutions with real business opportunities. 

This weekend gives attendees the chance to be exposed to and work with the entrepreneurial and business tools and be guided by 8 coaches during all the event. Each of you will acquire new skills and an unforgettable experience. 

Sunday afternoon is your chance to pitch your final project in front of a jury composed of CEOs, chiefs in innovation and startup owners. All presentations and project development will be carried out in Open Innovation.

Who will be the participants? 

A hackathon is not only for geeks! The power of a team is made by different experiences and expertise of each person. Either you are a student, a construction guy, have a business profile or even a startup, you are welcome to join and develop new solutions for the construction sector. 

You don't need to have a technical background to participate. Just join us with your knowledge, open mind, collaborative spirit, and willingness to solve the everyday problems encountered by construction actors.

What's your profile? 

Business : A business person is used to organize the practical aspects of a project based on the market. The “Business Guru” will be the team’s planner and adviser on needs from the construction sector (business, market study, construction / architect, strategy, management, finance, legal, entrepreneurial). We include in this profile the "Designer Expert" which takes care of the designs aspects of the project (design, communication, User eXperience, User Interface, etc.).

IT : The “IT Wizard” will be the team’s geek and will take care of the software aspects of the project by programming (new technologies, web development, app development, programming, etc.). 

How team will be formed? 

On Friday night, people with ideas will pitch them in only one minute. Participant will afterwards vote for three ideas they like. Ideas with the highest amount of votes will be selected. Leaders of selected ideas will recruit their DREAM TEAM during the night to carry out the project (discover the program). 
If you would like to subscribe to this hackathon with your own pre-formed team, it’s possible, but you must first contact the organizers before registration.

Do you want to be part of this adventure?

You already have an idea? 
You thought about it but never tried to make it happen. This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to undertake the ACTION MODE.


Registration is 59€, yes, you have to pay to be part of tomorrow’s success…

But look at what’s planned for you:

- All your meals and drinks during the weekend & fruits all day ;
- 8 coaches will guide you and share their experience to help you develop your team idea and your skills ;
- A perfect field to develop your ideas and create a new network of interresting people & companies ;
- The chance to discover new business and digital tools ;