ConWEEB – Converting construction waste into energy-efficient buildings
Jean Christophe VANDERHAEGEN, Directeur General de la Confédération Construction Bruxelles-Capitale, réalisera le discours d'ouverture du séminaire ConWEEB - Converting construction waste into energy-efficient buildings.

ConWEEB – Converting construction waste into energy-efficient buildings

GREEN WEEK common Workshop organized by EU Projects (InnoWEE; Green Instruct; VEEP; Re4)

Date: 24 May 2018 (Thursday)
Time: 9:15 – 17:45
Place: CSIC (Spanish Research National Council) Brussels Office: Rue du Trône, 62; 1050 Brussels
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Mr. Jean Christophe VANDERHAEGEN (Director General; Brussels Confederation of Construction) – “Building circular in Brussels”

  • 9:20 – 9:50 : Introduction of EU projects
Green Instruct – by University of Brunel
RE4 – by FENIX

  • 9:50 – 11:30 : Selection of CDW
InnoWEE – Converting the Construction & Demolition Waste into the Secondary Raw Materials with preliminary cost analysis by CNR-ICMATE / ECO / IZNAB
Green Instruct – Selection of appropriate CDWs for enhanced building properties (bricks, fibres, recycled concrete aggregates, wood, MDF, PU by University of Brunel
VEEP – Innovative technologies for concrete recycling and comminution of mineral and glass insulation wool and window glass for recycling purposes by TUD / TIIH
RE4 – Advanced sorting technologies based on classification systems and automated robotics by STAM


  • 11:45 – 13:25 : Characterization / New materials
InnoWEE – Performance indicators for CDW optimized binder formulations for High Density Geopolymer layers and for production of Wood Geopolymer Panel by CNR-ITC / ZAG / CNR-ICMATE
Green Instruct – Characterization methods and results by National Technical University of Athens
VEEP – SICLA aerogel concept by KEEY
RE4 – Development of materials incorporating CDW, Portland cement and alkali activated binders by QUB 

LUNCH: 1 h 30 min approx..

  • 14:55 – 16:35 : Design and LCA
InnoWEE – New insulating and radiating panels for energy efficiency of buildings by CNR-ICMATE / ZAG
Green Instruct – Integration of CDW Design for optimal performance by University of Aveiro / CoolHaven LTD
VEEP – Innovative precast concrete elements design and manufacturing by STAM
RE4 – Prefabricated components for smart installation and disassembly by RISE

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